Real Estate Litigation

At Caissie & Company, we have prosecuted and defended a wide variety of claims related to land. We provide advice and representation on a regular basis to individuals, tenants, commercial landlords, creditors, debtors and others in matters relating to real estate law.

Common cases we deal with include:
  • A party fails to complete an agreed sale this may include a dispute over the entitlement to a deposit
  • A purchaser alleges the vendor misrepresented the condition of the property or failed to disclose a defect in the property
  • A tenant or landlord breaches the terms of a commercial tenancy agreement
  • Disputes between landowners regarding the use of their property
  • Conduct or negligence of a real estate agent

We handle all manners of real estate litigation.

To find out more about your real estate dispute, call (604) 586-7200 or email us at immediately to make an appointment.