Slip and Fall Accidents – Myths v. Truths

Myth v. Truth # 1

Myth:If you are injured as a result of slipping and falling on someone else’s property, either residential or commercial, you are not entitled to make a claim for damages.
Truth:Owners of property are required to keep their property reasonably safe for users of the property. If it is not reasonably safe, owners may be held liable for injuries sustained by others. Reasonably safe is not the same as perfectly safe as an owner may not be liable for an injured person if the owner can show they took reasonable steps to keep the property safe such as shoveling snow from a driveway and applying salt. Another example of reasonable steps taken is where a grocery store owner regularly and frequently inspects and cleans the produce aisle to attempt to protect customers from slipping. What is reasonable varies with the type of property and activities carried on at the property.

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